Quality management system

We do have the ISO 9001-2015 certificate available, which guaranties a high quality control system based on our clients satisfaction and on the detection and elimination of errors by means of the convenient prevention and corrective measures.

TRANSPORTS DABAU, S.L. is dedicated to the transport of merchandise, with a strong inclination for national, international and intermodal transport, due to the evolution of society and the different ways we intercommunicate. Offering excellent logistics, efficient land transportation with specialized software, aware that quality has to offer a guarantee, we have adopted this commitment for the continuous improvement of the service.


Through the Environmental, Social and Governmental criteria we ensure:


  • Our service of transporting goods by road is complex with the specific and regulatory requirements and satisfies the client's expectations,
  • That our ethical principles are applied to the provision of the service to form an active part of the solution to the issues that we have as a society,
  • We use the most suitable techniques to understand and update the needs and expectations of clients that will serve as a basis for establishing service requirements and ensuring satisfaction.
  • That we comply with all applicable laws in force and with other requirements that may be subscribed and ensure that all our collaborators also comply with them.
  • That we carry out actions aimed at training, involving, sensitizing and making all personnel aware of and responsible for the achievement of the Policy and the object of improving and making all employees aware of these principles and making them available to the parties interested in these principles so that they can assume, develop and incorporate them in the performance of all their activities.
  • That we promote environmental commitments aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the UN sustainable development goals:

- Reduce the carbon footprint related to CO2 emissions from our transportation network.

- Promote energy efficiency and rational use of natural resources.

- Reduce the impact of waste creation.


Management assumes all these commitments and applies the corresponding management policies to implement the necessary resources to carry them out.