Grup Dabau

Dabau Group is made up of four companies, on the one hand, there is Dabau Transports, where we demonstrate a marked national and international vocation, offering excellent logistics, efficient land transport and specialized software, we also offer the intermodal transport service. On the other hand, we have Construtop Empordà, where we carry out rehabilitations, constructions, maintenance and technical advice of all types of buildings; then we have AM Dabau, where we carry out collaborations and replacements of municipal brigades, carrying out different maintenance and repair tasks; and, finally, Aiguapolis, with years of experience in the construction and sale of pool equipment and spas, achieving the best value for money.

Grup Dabau is a family company that develops its activity in the services sector. Thanks to our knowledge, vision and practical experience in the different sectors where we work, we are able to offer a service developed ad-hoc to the specific needs of each client.

We have the group's own means to offer a fast service tailored to each specific reality. To achieve this, we start with an analysis.

The structure and our specialized and experienced work team allow us to offer the best solutions in each case, guaranteeing an optimal result. We are ready to provide the confidence and quality needed to satisfy our customers.

Contact us or visit us at our headquarters where we will be happy to provide solutions to your needs.


Our Group 

Organization Chart

Contact Person Department
Carlos Dabau Manager
David Dabau Manager  
Jordi Blanch Casals National Logistic Department/Tow Tracks
Stefania Miron Management Logistic Department
Maria Iurache International Logistic Department
David Fernández International Logistic Department
Eric Ros Company Management Department Supervisor
Jaume Pujolar Bosch Warehouse / Management Department
Carme Padrosa Pierre Quality management system / Management Department
Anna Cortada Fito Management Department
Joan Aneiros Fernández Construction Supervisor


Our business group is composed of: