Quality management system

We do have the ISO 9001-2008 certificate available, which guaranties a high quality control system based on our clients satisfaction and on the detection and elimination of errors by means of the convenient prevention and corrective measures.


TRANSPORT Dabau, SL, recognizes the need and importance of continually improve our service, is aware that the quality must offer a guarantee, and has taken this commitment by implementing a quality management system.
In order to obtain the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients it is necessary to implicate several actions set out in the documentation of the system, being absolutely required the involvement and participation of all the staff of TRANSPORTS DABAU SL
The Management System ensures the following:
Road Freight Service fulfills the specified requirements and regulations and meets customer expectations, and in case of any incident detection, all necessary steps to correct them are applied.
Best means are used to meet and update the needs and expectations of customers that will be a basis to establish service requirements and to ensure the satisfaction of these needs and expectations.
All laws and regulations applicable to its busyness and other requirements that can subscribe are obeyed and all suppliers and subcontractors are taken good care to comply with the laws and regulations that can be applied to them.
Actions to form, involve, empower and sensitize all the staff are carried out in order to achieve the policy and objectives to improve and are shown to all employees and the public so that these principles are assumed, developed and incorporated in all their activities.
The management of TRANSPORTS DABAU SL assumes all the commitments and applies relevant management policies to implement them by providing all the necessary resources to carry them out.

Figueres, 22 May 2017

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